The University of Houston Law Center Federalist Society gratefully accepts donations from its alumni and other well-wishers. Indeed, such contributions have played an integral role in our efforts to encourage a robust and balanced marketplace of ideas at UHLC. Donors to the UHLC Federalist Society may arrange to donate exclusively to the UHLC Federalist Society, or you may have your gift administered by the National Federalist Society rather than by UHLC. The UHLC Federalist Society is currently particularly interested in receiving donations to sponsor (1) support for conservative public interest work undertaken by the chapter and its members, and (2) a yearly chapter trip to Washington to meet with alumni, judges, and government officials. Donations for routine operating expenses and other purposes are, of course, also very much appreciated.

If you are interested in donating to the UHLC Federalist Society, please contact President Garrett Gibson (


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